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Training of Hand Surgery in Bangladesh & History of BDSSH

Lgo of BDSSH

Prof. Dr. A S M Monirul Alam

Charter Secretary (2006-2017) of BDSSH. Country Delegate IFSSH

Professor Of Orthopaedics,
Dhaka Community Medical College


Hand Surgery is very special branch of Surgery.

  • Swanson Says:

Hand fracture complicated by Deformity from NO TREATMENT.

Stiffness from OVER TREATMENT.

Deformity and Stiffness from POOR TREATMENT



Ortho-surgery begun in 1975.

Plastic surgery begun in 1971 but expanding after 2000.

One Hand Surgeon

There was no conception of hand surgery in Bangladesh. Prof. R R Kairy have been taken  training in Hand surgery from NUH Singapore.

Scopes Of Training

  • Diploma Course
  • Intensive training in Hand & Micro-Surgery
  • Instructional Lecture course.
  • Workshop
  • Symposium and Live Surgery course.
  • Conference
  • Work experience in Dedicated hand Surgery Unit

Who Will Organize ?????

  • A Separate Dedicated Hand Society

Brain storming

  • Prof. RR Kairy and Dr. ASM Monirul Alam joined ISSH conference in Gangtok,2004.
  • Dr. S Raja Sabapathy and Prof. Bhaskaranand Kumar advised us to start a Hand society.
  • They also assured us for all sort of logistic and other help to form the new Society.



Brainstorming  How to?????


Embryogenesis of Society

  • 18 August 2005, we sat together in The Office room of Prof. RR Kairy. at NITOR.
  • We became agreed to form a Society for Surgery of the Hand.
  • Attended Doctors were:
  • Prof. RR Kairy, Dr Sk. Abbasuddin, Dr. ASM Monirul Alam, Dr. OFG Kibria, Dr. Monowarul Islam,Dr.Faruquee from Orthopaedics and Dr. Md. Abul Kalam from Plastic surgery attended the meeting.

Why need a separate Society??

  • No trained hand surgeons except Prof. RR Kairy in the country.
  • No conception about the special management among surgeons regarding Hand injury cases.

Maltreatment of Hand and tendon injury cases and poor result — ends up a –CRIPPLE Hand.

Start the Journey

In the year 2006 , we sat four time to form a convening committee.

Convenor : Prof. R R Kairy

Member secretary : Dr. ASM Monirul Alam

We invited all interested orthopaedic and Plastic surgeons to become the member of the Society.

At the end we have 27 Life and 9 General Members.


Hand Surgery Meeting



  • We formed the Society.
  • We have a constitution and By Laws.
  • We have 27 life and 9 General Members.
  • We have a logo designed By Dr. Shah M.H Rahman .


 We have Planed to organize our First National Conference. BDSSHCON-06

Organizing meeting

First National Conference

  • 25 November, 2006 NITOR
  • One day Conference.
  • 23 Podium Presentation, 125 Surgeons Attended . No Foreign Delegates.
  • Chief Guest was Prof. Shamsuddin Ahmed.


First National Conference

  • 25 November, 2006 NITOR
  • One day Conference.
  • 23 Podium Presentation, 125 Surgeons Attended . No Foreign Delegates.
  • Chief Guest was Prof. Shamsuddin Ahmed.



  • 2006 Birth of the Society
  • Start a dedicated Hand clinic at NITOR.
  • Inform all Orthopaedic and plastic surgeons regarding the necessity of separate Hand Society.
  • Form Executive committee and organize first AGM.


  • Organize one CME at BSMMU on Hand injury Management.
  • Apply for membership of IFSSH, contact with other international Hand Society for Support,
  • Organize 2 day long conference at NITOR 16-17 November 2007. 116 members join the conference. Dr. S Raja Sabapathy attended the conference. He conducted the Instructional Lectures course.
  • Membership increase from 27 to 40.
  • Join IFSSH congress at Sydney.

ISSHcon 08


  • Become the 50th Member nation of IFSSH
  • Organized 2 CME on Hand Surgery at Barishal and Rangpur Medical Colleges.
  • Organize 3rd National Conference at Dhaka. 164 surgeons joined.
  • 2 Faculties (India) Prof. G Balakrishnan & Dr. Hari Venkatramani join the conference.
  • Membership increased from 40 to 63.
  • Members joined ISSH conference.India & AO Hand course at Chiangmai, Thailand.


CME Borishal 08



  • Organized Basic Hand course by 4 eminent hand Surgeon, Prof. Bhaskar Anandkumar, Dr.Sudhir Warrior, Dr. Mukund Thatte, Dr. Sridhar.
  • 4th National Conference at Dhaka. 154 participant.
  • Organized 2 CME at Kumudini and Sylhet Medical college.
  • 2 of our young surgeon Completed their Training in Hand surgery at Ganga Hospital



  • Organized 5th national Conference at NITOR on 24 December 2010.
  • 3 members Attended 11th IFSSH conference at Seoul, Korea.
  • Organized 2 CME at NITOR and Chittagong.


  • Oraganized 6th National Conference 30-31 December 2011. Dr. V Rajaratnam and Dr. Anil Bhat from India joined as faculty.
  • Organized Flexor tendon Repair; cadaveric workshop at DMCH 29 December.
  • Membership increased from 68 to 73.


  • Society organized 7th National conference at DMCH on 22 December 2012.
  • Dr. Pravin Bhardwaz joined as international faculty. 134 surgeons joined.
  • One CME organized at Sylhet MAGO Medical college.


  • Organized conference on 21-22 march 2014.
  • Prof. IP Win Yuk Josephin , President SSH of Hongkong was the international faculty.
  • 122 surgeons join the conference.
  • One Basic Hand Surgery course in NITOR.
  • Peripheral Nerve workshop at BSMMU, Dr. V Raja Ratnam, Dr. Andrew Young.
  • 11 Members join IFSSH triennial Congress at New Delhi.


  • Organized conference at 6-7 December BRAC CDM Savar.
  • Dr. Mukund Thatte. Prof. IP Wing YUK Josephin, Dr. Anil Bhatia were the international faculties.
  • 12 members ,Join IFSSH conference at Mangalore
  • Live demonstration and symposium on Hand surgery, conducted by Prof. Terry Light at BSMMU at July 2014.


  • Organized conference at BRAC CDM Savar 19-20 December 2015.121 surgeons joined.
  • Prof. Binu P Thomas, Prof. IPW Josephin, Dr. V Rajaratnam were international faculties.
  • Organized one CME at Sylhet Medical college at april 2014.
  • 06 members joined the Indore ISSH conference.
Lgo of BDSSH


  • Organized BDSSHCON 2016 at Dhaka ,BIAM Hall 3-4 December 2016.
  • Dr. Raja Sabapathy, Prof. IPW Josephin, Dr. V Rajaratnam, Dr. Shilesh Gupta, Dr. Rajpal Singh, were the international Faculties.
  • 12 of our members joined in Ranchi ISSH conference.


  • Organized 12th National conference at BRAC CDM Rajendrapur 21-22 October 2017.
  • Dr. V Rajaratnam, Dr. Tahir Ansari, Dr. Mannan Muntasir were the international faculties.
  • One CME at DCMC.
  • 7 members joined in ISSH conference at Mumbai.
  • Joined in APSSH conference in CEBU and become member of APSSH 2017.


  • Organized National conference at NITOR 3-4 November 2018. 156 joined the conference.
  • Prof. Arumugum, Prof. G balakrisnan, Dr. Hari venkatramani were the international faculties.
  • One CME organized at Rajshahi
Lgo of BDSSH


  • CME organized at Medical colleges of Khulna, & Rangpur .
  • Symposium on Hand Fracture jointly with BSSH.
Lgo of BDSSH


National Institute of Traumatology and Orthopaedic Rehabilitation (NITOR) Sayed Mahbub Morshed Rd, Dhaka 1207

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